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18/05-03 This version is the release candidate 4, and we are getting really close to 1.0
stable. The PHP is still under construction and is getting done by the 1.0 stable release, trust me =).
I've added alot to this release, the plugin API are now much better and faster.
And it has online plugin management. Enjoy ! =)
Be sure to check the Changelog.
Download: JMovieBot-1.0rc4

10/05-03It's here, I've uploaded 1.0rc1 awhile ago, and it has become alot better.
I've fixed alot of new bugs and optimized to use less CPU load, and while 1.0 is on its way. Check the Changelog ! =)
Sorry for the late update on this page, but I havent had the time to update it lately.
Download: JMovieBot-1.0rc1

02/03-03: Soon, so soon, it will come! I've now managed to really fix
the bugs and Added alot to the bot. Check out the change log so far: Changelog

Look forward to 1.0rc !

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